Why Every Business Needs a Mobile Website

By 2015, experts suggest that more people will use mobile and other portable devices to go online more than laptops and desktop computers.
There are already millions of consumers who rely on mobile Internet access to research new products, locate new businesses, and purchase new products and services.

In this day and age, it’s imperative for companies to have a mobile website that consumers can utilize. The most common and most important reasons every business should have a mobile website include:

* Today’s consumers are completely different from consumers in any other time period. Not too long ago, people used to have to flip through a phone book, watch a television commercial, or wait for weekly advertisements to get product and service information.

Those days are completely gone thanks to the emergence of smartphones and mobile tablets. Consumers today seek business and product information online, and more and more are turning to their cellphones while on the go. Trying to access a traditional website that has not been mobile optimized is frustrating to mobile users because the pages load a lot slower and it’s hard to find the information they need.

* Mobile users almost always carry their phones with them. For spur of the moment purchasing decisions, consumers may rely on mobile Internet. In fact, spontaneous purchases these days are made, in many instances, via smartphones. Having a mobile website in place will ensure that all mobile users have a way to access your business with ease.

* Many consumers have stated that a great mobile website will make them more inclined to purchase from a business. If a website is too difficult to utilize on a mobile device, consumers will move on to another site that affords them more options; a competitor’s site.

* Traditional websites that use Flash will usually not be available to cellphone users. People will typically get a message that either they need to install Flash or that Flash isn’t supported on their mobile device.

As you can see, not having a mobile-friendly website causes a lot of roadblocks when it comes to connecting with more potential customers, as well as existing customers.

Optimizing your company website for mobile has never been more important than it is today; and it’s not too late to start.  Do yourself AND your target audience a favor by mobilizing your website as soon as possible.

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