What to Expect with a Mobile Website

With the increase of mobile web use, whether it is via smartphones or portable tablets, many companies have created mobile websites to ensure that consumers can view their business information easily and quickly.

There are many benefits to having a mobile website for your own local business. Consider the following:

The Consumer Viewing Experience

Consumers are a lot less likely to invest time or money in your service and/or products if they can’t access a mobile-friendly business website. Keep in mind that you’ll want your company’s most important information to be at the forefront and easy to find. For example, when a consumer visits your mobile site, your business phone number and address should be prominent. In addition, the services and/or products you offer should be simple to find.

Better Brand Image

Companies with a mobile website boost their brand’s image in a few different ways. First, it shows potential customers that you understand mobile technology and its progression. In other words, you won’t allow your company to be left behind as technology moves forward. Moreover, having a mobile website shows that you want your customers to have the best viewing experience possible.

Higher Search Engine Rankings

Fortunately, major search engines such as Google and Bing are able to determine what kind of device someone is using when performing an Internet search. Therefore, when a consumer searches for a local business from a cellphone or mobile device, the search engine results will provide the mobile website information first. What this means for companies is that mobile websites will rank higher in the search engine results. This in turn, will potentially bring more business.

Increase in Sales

Combined with the aforementioned advantages, sales can increase with a mobile website. Mobile deals and coupons are already a major factor in consumer decisions, and this is expected to increase as more and more people start to use their cellphones and mobile tablets to shop online.

According to a recent survey performed by Google, at least 65% of the 1,500 people who joined the survey stated that they prefer using mobile websites as opposed to applications when researching company information, shopping for new products, and finding directions. Over half of these users end up going into a store to make a purchase after visiting a company’s mobile website.

In addition, 42% of smartphone users don’t consult a traditional website via a laptop or desktop computer before making purchasing decisions. In other words, these consumers rely solely on mobile websites for product and service information. For companies with mobile websites, this of course means increased sales and exposure.

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