Google Maps

Top Marketing Professionals confirm that as of 2014, “Google Maps are the New Yellow Pages”.

Unfortunately, Google Maps only shows about 7 Businesses per City for a given Keyword Phrase on the 1st Page. That means that most of the other businesses are not shown in the search results and may be losing out on a lot of business.


These top positions doesn’t happen by accident… there are a number of factors which influence Google to choose these companies over all of the others, especially when there’s lots of competition.

We have the tools & techniques to help get your business listed in the Google Maps and Google Place 1st page of search listing results.

Very Important Note: Since there are only about 7 Maps results shown per city location on the 1st page of Google, this service is limited to only a select few clients per City Location, Business Type and Keyword Phrase. Therefore it’s important that you get your 1st page listing before your competitor does.

Our services includes getting your business listed in Google Maps and properly setting up your Google Place page, if it is not already listed. We also list your business in other directories which can help you reach more customers.

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